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We love to here from our customers how they have been getting on with the Cushi Tush. The stories below are honest opinions from real mums and dads.

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Alison and her tripletsAlison and her Beautiful Triplets

“I have triplets who have steady heads but aren’t quite ready to sit up on their own yet. The Cushi Tush helps them to do this while fully supporting them” [more]


Lyra loves her Cushi TushPaula Harker and Daughter Lyra

“My daughter Lyra is 15 weeks old. She got her Cushi Tush last week and loves it. It’s fab! Handy for popping her in if I need to nip out of room and great for play time” [more]



Nate loves his Cushi TushLorna & Nate love Cushi Tush

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Cushi Tush baby seat. I brought it for my son to use as a feeding chair, and I am very very happy with it” [more]



Cushi Tush makes all the differenceRosanne Ransom and Charlie

“Since we got the Cushi Tush baby seat today i’ve seen a big difference and I’m hopeful that it will be better for Charlie and for me and my husband” [more]




Perfect for feeding Stacey Crosby & Baby Kiera

“We have had this less than a week and already love it! It’s perfect for feeding, playing and taking with us to other houses. It’s light and colourful and it provides good support to help her sit up and my little girl looks so comfy in it! I would recommend this above similar products as it has all the pluses and none of the negatives.”


Messy ArloElli Winter and Baby Arlo

"I have 12 month old twins, I introduced them to their Cushi Tush baby seats at 4 months in preparation for weaning at 6 months. Probably my best buy for the boys so far!" [more]


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We've just bought one of these, and it's brilliant.”

“I have two Cushi Tush baby seats that have proved invaluable to me and my girls.”
 - Cait Allen (Birmingham)

“My 5 month old daughter just loves this, its light weight and perfect for supporting her upright whilst not quite ready to sit independently. A great buy!”
 - Chloe B

“My health visitor called and saw my baby in the Cushi Tush and was so impressed she wrote the details down to recommend to other parents.“
- Ceekay (amazon review)

“My Cushi Tush seats are the best thing i have ever bought. I have twins so need to be able to put them somewhere safe to sit to eat or play, these Baby Seats are so light weight I can carry and transport them anywhere. The trays are easy to keep clean and hygienic. I would recommend Cushi Tush seats to anyone with small children.”  
- Rebecca Matheson

“I was first introduced to Cushi Tush Baby Seat at Leicester Baby Fair and I was instantly impressed with the adorable seats. Our girls used their seats from 9 weeks old and our eldest daughter and niece (3 & 4 years old) like to sit in the seats too).

We have used our chairs out and about on picnics, at home to play with toys and when visiting friends for lunch!

Whenever we are using the seats out and about, we always receive compliments on the chairs, I can’t recommend them enough!!
 - Jacqueline Dixon

I have had one since 2010, my little boy is 2 ½ now and still loves to sit in it. It is great that it has the tray so they can eat, draw and play with toys on it. I started with a bumbo and my little boy managed to twist out of it when he was 10 months old, so that one went!!! A brilliant product.
 - Karen Blowfield

”Our Cushi Tush has become a fun and functional part of our everyday routine. Nothing short of a revolution come meal times. Whether meals are at home or away the Cushi Tush proves very useful and easy to transport. Wonderful for picnics in the Park!”
- Jimmy Willis & Margaret Willis (Leicester)

“My Cushi Tush arrived this morning and I am very pleased with it. The good thing is my little boy seems to love it and my 4yr old thinks its great because she can fit in too. It made me laugh cause she couldn’t get out so I know that my baby is very safe!

I love it is because if my 4yr old can still fit in it, it is gonna last a long time. So very good value for money. I will be recommending it to anybody I know with a baby.”
- Keeley Hole (Crewe)

“As my four month old can hold her head steady and loves to be upright we thought it was time to get her a seat to play in. After looking at the other makes of seat we decided on the Cushi Tush and as soon as it arrived we put our little girl in it, she loved it as I think it makes her feel safe and secure.

We use it 2-3 times a day for a change of scenery, she can look round and see what we are all doing. As they are good value for money she has one at her grandmas too and it is so lightweight you can just put in your car and take with you on visits.”
 - Mircalla Heal (Bingley)