The Material

What cushi tush made from

Cushi Tush products are made from ARPRO Logo (expanded polypropylene), a material often mistaken for polystyrene.

ARPRO Logo is from the same family of materials but is NOT polystyrene, it is in fact a superior material trusted for use in a wide range of familiar products.

For example ARPRO Logo can be found in;

  • Motorbike and bicycle helmets
  • Children’s car seats
  • Automotive safety such as car bumpers

Bike Helmet


ARPRO car and bumper core




ARPRO is is a strong and durable material which is not fragile as some people perceive.

It is also waterproof, non-toxic and does not harbour germs, which is why the seat has been happily used in hospitals across the UK. Cushi Tush has been fully safety tested here in the UK which includes a bite test.

We believe that you will be convinced that Cushi Tush is not only the perfect material, but the perfect babyseat.


This is the Nissan Qashqai, a 5 star NCAP rated vehicle.

Amongst many other vehicle parts the lower and upper bumper cores are manufactured from ARPRO Logo.

As well as saving weight and aiding fuel economy, the material has excellent impact protection properties which
help saves lives by significantly improving passenger and pedestrian safety.


The main difference is strength and durability. Both materials
are lightweight each serves its purpose well depending on its intended usage.



Did you knowRecyclable and Green

Cushi Tush is 100% recyclable and is made here in the UK by British manufacturer Foam Products.

ARPRO is an environmentally friendly material that contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), hydrocarbons or environmentally damaging compounds in its manufacturing process.