Cushi Tush Vs Other Seats

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You may be thinking that the Cushi Tush team are biased about the Cushi Tush baby seat, and to some extent you would be right – because we love it!

So much so, that as we speak we are sitting round in a circle holding hands whilst writing this post. OK, not quite, but we aren’t biased without reason, as we have fully road tested this product ourselves with a member of our team who had a baby when the seat was launched. Sam the Cushi Tush kid who is in the Cushi Tush video and numerous photos on our website has lived and breathed Cushi Tush, and Mum swears by it.

Whilst keeping our ears to the ground we have heard that some parents are wondering about the differences between the Cushi Tush and other leading baby seat manufacturers so we have decided to give you an overview of the key differences so you can make your own mind up about choosing the right seat to keep your baby safe and snug.

  1. Material – made from a material called EPP the Cushi Tush has great insulation properties which means unlike regular plastic, the seat will warm up quickly keeping baby snug.
  2. Dishwasher safe – Cushi Tush can we wiped clean but it can also be placed in a dishwasher! Bonus!
  3. Tray – the Cushi Tush tray has three secure points preventing great escapes by baby.
  4. Wide base – No matter how energetic your little one is, the wide base is there to help prevent tipping.

And of course Cushi Tush is made in the UK – supporting UK manufacturing and is 100% recyclable, so its kind to baby and kind to the environment!

Cushi Tush Team (including Sam)

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One Response to “Cushi Tush Vs Other Seats”

  1. Looks like this is a all-in-one baby seat. Nice one!

    Posted by baby seat on June 25th, 2009 6:22 pm


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