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Creating The Perfect Babysitter

When presented with his two gorgeous granddaughters Emily and Pippa in the space of just three weeks, doting Grandfather Robin was thrilled to bits.

Emily in her prototype Cushi Tush

Emily in her prototype Cushi Tush

It wasn’t long before his two new bundles of joy were able to sit up and Robin was keen to sit and interact with them at their own level. When looking for solutions Robin found bulky products such as highchairs and prams unsatisfactory for his needs and so, with a background in product design, Robin decided upon his own creative solution. This is how the concept of the Cushi Tush™ baby seat was born.

Robin decided that his two princesses required a seat that was safe, yet ergonomically designed so it was comfortable and portable. The Cushi Tush™ was designed with these factors in mind and soon became essential for every day use, making it ideal for their fun activities such as picnics or even trips to the beach.

Since then, the Cushi Tush™ has gone into manufacture in the UK and has proved to be equally popular amongst many other proud parents and grandparents and encouragingly by paediatricians with the Cushi Tush™ being used in a number of hospital paediatric wards across the UK.

The Cushi Tush™ baby seat was designed for babies from approximately 3 months to 18 months old dependent on babies individual development. Conforming to General Product Safety Regulations, Cushi Tush™ is made from Arpro, a 100% recyclable non toxic material trusted for use in automotive and passenger safety, it does not harbour germs and can be simply wiped clean.

Robin is delighted to know that other parents and grandparents are finding the product essential to their every day use from reading a number of positive reviews about the Cushi Tush™ baby seat.

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